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Eggs. They are so versatile. You can boil them, scramble them, poach them, eat them sunny side up or over easy. You can make them into omelettes, put them on toast, turn them into a quiche. You can even masturbate with them. Wait, what? Okay, don’t masturbate with an egg… at least not a real egg. You can however masturbate with a Tenga Egg.

I love the Tenga Eggs, I find the whole concept delightfully wacky. I encountered my first Tenga Egg at during an AVN show many years back. They had a wheel of fortune set up for at their booth, I spun it and it actually landed on something like Tenga panties or something equally ridiculous for me (I just don’t have shapely buns), and after a good laugh they offered up a Tenga Egg instead, which I eagerly accepted (though, I probably would have taken the panties, who am I to turn down a free pair of clean undies?).

How It Works

I feel like these little eggs are pretty self explanatory, but I’ll give you the run down anyway.

Tucked inside the plastic egg shell is a squishy bit of egg white… I mean masturbator. You pull out the inside, squirt some of the included lube into the egg, onto your penis, or a combination of both, and away we go. It is incredibly simple. Simple enough that I have managed to use one in the dark with (what I assume are) perfect results! You laugh at this, but you weren’t around for the great Fleshskin Debacle 2020. So ease of use in the dark is now something I look for…

It is a pretty basic masturbation sleeve concept. It is just a textured bit of material that slides over the penis. You’ll figure it out.

Size, Shape, & Materials

Egg length: 2 inches.
Egg diameter: 3 inches.
Sleeve size: one size fits most.

The egg shell the masturbator is packaged in is just a thin shell of plastic wrapped in a bit of plastic labeling. Nothing fancy and its nothing that you’ll need to hold on to (unless you really want to).

The material of the actual Tenga Eggs is a TPE material. This means that the Tenga Egg is not something you will be able to fully clean or share with another person, as it is porous. Also the material will have a shelf life and will eventually show wear and tear. Although you should never really reach the point where your Tenga Egg is wearing out, developing smells, or turning off colored as the Eggs are meant to be a disposable masturbation solution. A one and done sort of deal.

One thing I do love about the shape of the Tenga Eggs is the lack of human or human-esque anatomy. I don’t need everything I masturbate in to to look like a butthole or mouth or whatever. Sometimes I just want something to masturbate in to that doesn’t look like disembodied parts.

Also, don’t worry, even though the Tenga Egg is about the size of an actual egg, the material is really stretchy. You will have no problem fitting your entire penis head and shaft in this thing. I am able to stretch it a ways down my forearm, so it really is a one size fits most (I’ll say most because I’m sure there are some exceptionally well hung penises out there who will rip through this like a paper bag).

The environmentalist in me hard cringes at the disposable aspect of these toys. I hate anything that I can’t use over and over again, I feel incredibly wasteful using something once and tossing it away. So when I have cracked open a Tenga Egg I have kept it around for multiple uses.

In Use

I really enjoy this low fuss approach to masturbation. I love my Fleshlights and what have yous, but the clean up and prep work that goes into using some of those toys can be a bit much at times. Sometimes a person just wants to get down and dirty as quick as possible. The Tenga Eggs are quick, just peel, pop, and lube… that’s it. There are no controls to learn, no buttons to fiddle with, no specially placed air holes to control suction with… its just jacking off made easy.

Its like sliding on a second skin. It fits so well and is much less bulky then some of the more popular masturbators out there. The outside of the Tenga Egg is completely smooth, the inside of the sleeve is filled with bumps, grooves or ridges (the inside of the sleeve depends on which Egg you are using, there are a number of texture variations).

There are many different textures to try out. Most recently I’ve used the Twister, Spider, and Wavy. There are at least 20+ different textures for you to peruse. I didn’t think the textures felt wildly different (I wouldn’t be able to tell the textures apart blindfolded), but I did notice some slight variations. I haven’t run into an egg texture that I’ve disliked.

Since I have yet to actually be wowed by any particular texture, I don’t really have a specific recommendation to make but as I just said, I haven’t hated any particular one either. So I think you are good picking up whichever one sounds interesting to you.

Also worth pointing out, these are great to use with a partner for hand jobs! My partner isn’t big on sticky, lube covered (or spit covered) hands, so they really appreciate pulling out one of these sleeves when hand job time is at hand!

Care & Maintenance

Since it is meant to be a single use toy, there isn’t a whole lot of care and maintenance to perform on the Tenga Egg. It is possible to get multiple uses out of an egg if you wash it out and let it air dry, but it isn’t meant to be kept around for a life time of uses. Because of the TPR material, you’ll need to watch out for discoloration, weird smells, wear and tear, all of which are signs that its time to say good bye.

Personally I’ll hang onto an Tenga Egg for three or four uses, if I’m using it in the same week. I don’t like to keep one around for multiple weeks, just because I don’t have a great way of storing it and keeping it clean. After use I will give it a good rinse then allow it to air dry. Once it is completely dry I will tuck it back into its egg and store it in my nightstand drawer.

Use your best judgement and just keep an eye on it, discard if it starts to get funky.

And obviously don’t share it with anyone, the material is porous and you wont be able to get it 100% clean.


I can 100% recommend the Tenga Eggs. If you are looking for a discreet masturbation option that you can ditch if you start to feel weird about having a sex toy around (although don’t feel weird, its totally normally to own a sex toy) this is perfect. It is also a great option for travel, as it is super easy to toss a few of these egg friends into a backpack or suitcase and if you are going through security they don’t look like a sex toy to whoever ends up inspecting your bag! You can then toss them out after use, leaving you with one less thing to pack back up for your return trip. I’ve given Tenga Eggs to a number of my guy friends who have said they are too embarrassed to buy a sex toy like a Fleshlight (even though they want to try one out), because they are so massive… I’ve just tossed them an Egg from my collection and I have yet to hear anyone complaints about the toys!

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Tenga Eggs are small, egg shaped, disposable masturbation sleeves. Each Egg contains a single TPE material sleeve (which is porous, so don’t share) and a single use packet of lube. There are at least 20 some eggs in the Tenga collection and each possesses its own texture pattern (some feel more noticeable than others). I love the Tenga Eggs because they are easy to store before use, easy to unwrap and use, and clean up is super easy if you are going the disposable route. It is possible to wash the Egg and allow it to air dry before storing it away to get multiple uses from the sleeve, but should be discarded if anything starts to look or smell weird. Tenga Eggs are a simple, functional toy. They are easy to use, easy to store, travel well and I totally recommend this toy!

The Tenga Eggs are part of Hardwood Reviews personal toy collection. Tested and given an honest review.

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