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First of all, I would like to say a great big “HELLO” to everyone. Thank you for joining me on my very first blog post here at Hardwood Reviews! I hope that we are on track to become great friends (or at least tolerable acquaintances) and that you will be back regularly to read more! I had a tough time choosing what to review for my very first sex toy review, did I want to review a cock ring? Or maybe a cock ring? Or maybe a cock ring would make for an excellent first review! …In case it isn’t apparent, I own a lot of cock rings. They are usually cheap, and super easy to store, and like potato chips, you can’t have just one. After much internal debate, I decided on a cock ring… but for my balls! Sounds wild, doesn’t it?!

So please, allow me to introduce you to my newest friend, the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit!

How It Works

If you are here reading this Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit review it is because a) I begged you mercilessly to come and read my very first blog post or b) you have been searching google for more information about ball stretching and have many questions, like; “What is a ball stretcher?” “What does a ball stretcher do?” “How do I wear a ball stretcher?” and stumbled into my tiny corner of the web. Well my friend, buckle up, because I’m about to answer all (or at least some of) your ball stretching questions!

These Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretchers are made to stretch and elongate the scrotum.


Stop yelling at me, I don’t do well under pressure! There are a few reasons you might want to engage in ball stretching – the most obviously being for pleasure. You may also add ball stretching to any BDSM scenes you may be playing with, maybe you want to have fun with a little cock and ball torture (although I wouldn’t really describe the sensation I get from this as torturous).  Or maybe you are just looking to achieve that “well hung look”. I’ve also heard rumors that stretching your balls prolongs and increases the intensity of your orgasm (Is this true? You tell me!). So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons as to why you might try and stretch your balls (and I’m sure there are reasons I’m not thinking of).

The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit comes as a set of two rings. There is a smaller ring and a larger ring. You can use these rings independently or as a set, depending on your own tastes. I’ve only recently felt comfortable stacking the rings and for the longest time I only used the larger ring on its own. The smaller ring doesn’t provide me much in the way of stretch or stimulation, so I never really used that one solo. These days I am able to stack both rings! Which I’m pretty sure makes me a ball stretching master (that’s not even close to true… but stroke my ego anyway)!

I recommend adding a small amount of lube to the inside of the ring (or to the outside of your balls) before putting it on. I felt like it made it much easier to adjust the ring and get it into place with a little bit of slipperiness.

Size, Shape, & Materials

Demensions: Smaller Ball Stretcher
Inner Diameter: 1.5 inches.
Width: 0.73 inches.

Demensions: Larger Ball Stretcher
Inner Diameter: 1.5 inches.
Width: 1.23 inches.

Both of the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher rings are made from a premium silicone, and as the name implies, both are quite soft. The silicone provides enough stretch to be comfortable and reasonably easy to put on, but is tight enough that there is a snug feeling when worn, a testicular hug if you will.

In Use

I’ve had the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit in my possession for quite some time now and I’m sorry to say these rings really haven’t had as much play time as they really deserve. In the beginning, my attempts were kind of “meh” at best. The rings took me some getting used to, aw its a fairly unique sensation that I wasn’t quite prepared for. The first ring didn’t really feel like it was doing much for me and the larger ring felt weird and I didn’t spend much time with it.

So, after the first test of the stretching rings and lackluster results I just wrote these off as a bust. I am so glad I let my partner talk me into giving these another try, because the next go round was a much greater success. I’ve been pulling these out more and more in the past few months and have really come to enjoy them.

Also, the very first time I used these I made the mistake of not doing any personal grooming and had tight, cold, winter weather balls. – both of these things lead to a less than comfortable experience when sliding the rings on. So here are my two very important tips:

  1. Trim your ball hair! Nothing hurts more than getting straggly little ball hairs caught in the silicone as you put it on or pull it off. Maybe you are a tougher human than I am and have no issue with a little pubic hair pull… but me… I’ll pass.
  2.  Take a warm bath. Or a warm shower. Or even just hold a warm rag to your balls for a few minutes. The rings are easier to put on and the stretch is easier to achieve if your balls are warm and a little more loosey-goosey.

In the beginning I didn’t notice any real visible stretch, but I could definitely feel it.  It felt like a gentle tugging sensation mixed with a bit of pressure. Once I graduated to using the larger ring, I started to notice a little more of that “well hung” look, my balls looked like they were hanging lower which was a pretty satisfying feeling. Now that I am able to stack both rings, I can get a really nice stretch and I love the feeling of my balls slapping against my inner thigh as I thrust into my partner (they also enjoy the feeling of my wild balls slapping against them as well). I found that doggy-style is particularly good if you are wanting to feel those balls slap against your partner!

Another thing I’ve noticed while wearing the rings, especially the larger ring or the stacked set, is that much like a penis in a cock ring my balls become a darkish purple-red color. The veins in my testicles really start to pop and the skin takes on a shiny, almost plastic-like look to them. Its pretty visually appealing if you ask me!

One other thing I found is that the smaller ring makes for an excellent cock ring! There have been days where I’ve worn the larger ring wrapped around my scrotum and the smaller ring around my cock and had a grand ol’ time! It’s a versatile little kit!

Care & Maintenance

Caring for the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit is super simple. For a good clean, toss the silicone rings into a pot of boiling water for about two-ish minutes. Feel free to pretend you are making testicle soup as you watch them boil (not that I do that… *gulp*). You can also pop these puppies into the top rack of your dishwasher and give them a whirl in a soapless machine. Another option is just wiping them down with a 10% bleach solution. Or there is my favorite method, good old fashion tap water and soap. I just give it a good lather and run it under the sink for a minute before letting them air dry on my bath room counter. Couldn’t be easier.

There isn’t a lot of maintenance required with these toys. As long as you keep your silicone clean and store it properly it should last you a near lifetime. I’ve owned my set for about four years now and they still look brand new. No wear or tear whatsoever. The fit is still tight and the silicone still soft and stretchy.


If you are a ball stretching newbie looking to test the ball stretching waters, the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit is probably the perfect purchase for you. The smaller ring offers a small amount of stretch, perfect for someone just starting out. The larger ring on its own is still not overwhelming and I imagine to be perfectly comfortable to most beginners. When the pair is stacked, it provides a suitable challenge, but still, I don’t think it is anything that would be impossible for the beginner user to do.

If you are a hardcore ball stretcher, this kit may be a let down, the stretch isn’t likely to knock your socks off. Personally, I really enjoyed the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit. I wouldn’t say I am a newbie, but I am definitely not ready for the big leagues, so this kit provides just enough stretch, pressure, and stimulation for me at this time.

The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretching Kit gets a yes from me!

Purchase your Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretching Kit directly from Tantus!


The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit is a set of two premium silicone rings. These rings wrap around the scrotum to provide a stretching feeling that increases pleasure during sex or masturbation. Use it alone or with a partner. Wear it under your cloths for some extra excitement (and a bigger pants bulge). Having the two ring sizes provides you with “growing” room as you play. Start with the smaller ring, graduate to the larger ring, then finally advance to a two ring stack for even more elongating fun.  Recommendation: Yes. If you are new to ball stretching and looking for an introductory product.

The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit is part of Hardwood Reviews personal toy collection. Tested and given an honest review.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit

  1. never knew ball stretching was a thing, consider me informed

    Posted on August 13, 2020 at 4:09 am
  2. excellent review of the pros and cons, maybe step it up to a splitter just adds another level of sensation

    Posted on August 13, 2020 at 4:08 pm
  3. It’s good to hear that they’re durable. I’ve used a cheaper, non-silicone ball stretcher before, and they tend to get little tears in them after a while. Maybe I need to be more careful with them, but any risk of snapping is not something I want when it’s clinging to my junk.

    Posted on August 15, 2020 at 11:10 pm