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This is a historic day for Hardwood Reviews. A moment we should all stop and savor together. Today is the day I review a toy explicitly sent to me for the purpose of review and not a toy I just happened to have in my collection or managed to win in a contest.

Today is the day I review the NS Novelties Rear Assets Anal Plug sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box. I’m very excited about this. I feel like this is my big break. I’ve made it! I can call myself a real sex toy blogger now!

The Rear Assets Anal Plug is without a doubt the fanciest looking plug currently in my butt plug collection. Most of what I have is either black and silicone or just silver stainless steel. This Rear Assets Anal Plug is the color of a shiny oil slick. Its multicolored and shiny and I must say I think it looks quite fetching in me. Also, it is a Princess plug, meaning it has a fancy little gem right at the base. Now when I bend over my brown eye winks and flashes a little bit of bling. I’m moving up in the world ya’ll, I have a fancy ass now!

How It Works

Anal plugs are a delightfully straight forward toy! Just the name suggests how it is meant to work. It is a toy for plugging your anus. But, why butt plugs, you ask? Well, your anus happens to contain a whole lot of nerve endings and the funny thing about nerves is they like to be stimulated, or at least mine sure do. Butt plugs are a lot of fun on their own or as a way to prepare yourself for penetrative anal-sex or as a warm up for bigger toys.

Because of how fancy the Rear Assets Plug is, I have mostly been using it on its own. Just wearing it around the house (and out of the house) while occasionally bending over to let the bling dazzle my partner. Never have I felt so glamorous.

Size, Shape, & Materials

According to Betty’s Toy Box website there are two sizes to the Rear Assets Anal Plugs, there is a small and a medium. I confirmed this fact on NS Novelties own webpage along with the dimensions. I’m just not 100% sure which size I was sent. Unless I am really overlooking something, I can’t find any indication on the packaging for which size I have.

Just kidding, disregard everything I said up there, I just figured it out. I’m going to leave everything I just wrote though, because I can guarantee you I will not be the only one to have this issue. So after another fine toothed combing of the box I did end up finding where size was labeled. On the very bottom of the box just underneath the UPC code it says Med/Multicolor/Gem/Clear in tiny letters. So I now know that I have the medium plug! It would be nice if that was made a little more obvious on the packaging, but at least I was able to sort it out eventually.

Dimensions: Medium Plug
Total length: 3.15 inches.
Penetrable length: 2.4 inches.
Width: 1.34 inches

Dimensions: Small Plug
Total length: 2.72 inches.
Penetrable length: 1.77 inches.
Width: 1.26 inches

The shape of the Rear Assets plug is exactly what I look normally look for in a butt plug. I like a smaller, tapered bulb. I have heard a lot of good stuff about more blunt, rounded plugs, but I’m not quite there yet. Right now I am all about that easy to insert tapered head. It also has a narrow neck. I usually prefer the narrow neck because if I’m using a butt plug its often for more long term wear and I just think the narrower necked plugs are easier for me to keep in place. The more narrow the neck, the more my sphincter muscles can close around it, the easier it is for me to keep the plug where it belongs. Though I do appreciate a thick necked plug if I’m not planning on wearing it long term and I want to feel “held open”, but that’s something we can get into later (I’ve got a thick necked plug I’m planning on reviewing soon). Last but not least, it has a flared base… this is pretty much a must… if the base isn’t flared… it’s not really an anal plug.

As for materials the NS Novelties Rear Assets Plug is made from aluminum. Not quite as swanky as stainless steel but still a body safe metal and still feels reasonably fancy to me.

The color of this toy is awesome. I own nothing else like it. I am really digging the rainbow oil slick effect that this toy has going on. Almost worth buying just for the neat color effect alone. Display it on your mantle. Impress your friends. Make your enemies jealous. It is also available in a rose gold color or with a heart shaped gem!

In Use

I think I’ve already established that this plug was easy to insert and comfortable to wear. And I continue to stand by both of those statements. Though I will say, metal plugs can be a bit unforgiving at times, unlike silicone, there is no give, so it doesn’t exactly mold and conform to my body… my body more or less has to conform to the plug – which sounds for more extreme then what its really like using the plug… it’s comfortable, but if I move wrong I can sometimes feel it.

One thing I would like to change about my experience with the Rear Assets Plug is that I kind of wish it was a little weightier. There is something super erotic about feeling the weight of a butt plug in my ass. Don’t get me wrong here, there is definitely more heft to this particular plug than in your average butt plug, but I kind of want more! I guess I’ve been spoiled by my Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 (1.31 lbs of butt plug delight). However, I will say, having a plug with some heft but not a tone of weight does kind of make it a good intro into using heavier plugs like the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0, which is not a plug I would classify as a beginners plug at all.

Because the base of the plug is hard, round, and houses a gem, I honestly thought that the base was going to be the most uncomfortable part of this plug. I am happy to report that it really wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be. It tucked up between my cheeks all safe, secure, and unobtrusively! Though, if I sat down hard or sat down wrong the base occasionally made itself known by pinching a little bit of butt flesh against it… but that was a pretty rare occurrence and honestly probably mostly my fault for not being a graceful sitter. When walking around, the plug is almost unnoticeable, my cheeks don’t rub uncomfortably against the base and it doesn’t feel too intrusive. The only thing that reminds me that I’m wearing a plug is the little bit of weight I feel pushing down, a feeling I really enjoy.

I also really appreciated that, even with being a little heavier than your average plug and the metal material feeling a little slipperier, the NS Novelties Rear Assets Plug stayed in place. Even while moving around I never felt like the Rear Assets Plug was going to slip out of place. It didn’t hurt that the neck of this plug is pretty slender and easy to clench around.

Something I wasn’t really anticipating (even though I should have, because I’ve used metal plugs before, its still a shock to me every time) was how cold it was going in and how cold it stayed until my body finally warmed it up! This is something I really enjoy. I like temperature play and there was something kind of exotic and exciting about feeling of cold metal against my butt hole (and in my butt hole). I haven’t done it yet, but I want to try popping this plug into the fridge for a bit and see if I can extend this cold fun even longer, I bet that would be fantastic.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning up is very easy. The aluminum can be wiped clean with some warm water or a toy cleaner (if you believe in those types of things). The Rear Assets comes with its own little velvet storage pouch, so after a good wash I just dry it with a soft towel then tuck it away in its pouch until I need it again. Easy!

I usually give my stainless steel toys a quick boil, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea with this plug or not. One, it isn’t stainless steel, but also I’m not sure if that would ruin the gem or loosen the glue that holds the gem in. So, I haven’t tried, I’m just sticking to wiping the toy down.


I have no real complaints about the Rear Assets plug. It is a very basic and a reasonably budget friendly plug. It was comfortable to wear, even for an extended period of time. I am always worried that plugs that aren’t silicone will be uncomfortable after awhile, but I didn’t find this to be the case with the NS Novelties Rear Assets Plug. As I said above, sitting down sometimes posed a challenge, if I sat down wrong I did catch the base in a way that I didn’t much care for, nothing painful, just mildly uncomfortable for a brief moment until I readjusted myself. Definitely a much daintier plug than I normally use, but I enjoyed it. It has a little weight without being overwhelming heavy – just enough to keep you aware of its presence as you move around! This plug is a great choice if you are looking for a budget friendly yet quality princess plug, I do recommend!

Purchase Your NS Novelties Rear Assets Plug From Betty’s Toy Box!


A butt plug I can recommend. The NS Novelties Rear Assets Plug is a princess style plug (gemstone in the base) with a really awesome rainbow oil-slick coloration. Made from aluminum, it is a body-safe, easy to clean, material. The metal holds temperature well, which adds a fun extra mode of play. Warm it up or cool it down before insertion for some new sensations. A comfortable plug to insert, with just a little bit of weight to it. The base sits securely between my butt cheeks and the neck is slender enough for me to clench around and keep it in place while moving. A solid plug, especially for one that costs roughly $15.00.

The NS Novelties Rear Assets Plug was provided to me free of charge by Betty’s Toy Box. Tested and given an honest review.

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