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I never win anything. I know that literally everyone says this, but I truly mean it. I never win anything. I am the most unlucky person I know. So you can imagine how floored I was to see a DM from Blush Novelties in my Twitter inbox saying I had won something. I did a double take, I thought for sure they had made a mistake and any moment I would receive a second DM saying “Haha, whoops, that was meant for someone else.” And yet… that second DM never arrived… I had actually won something! Holy Cow!

The Blush Sweet Cream Classic Slim Vibe is now mine!

I remember retweeting the contest tweet on a lark. Because, as I said, I never win anything… so I ended up with a sex that that is definitely a lot more cutesy than I would typically purchase for myself. But I love it, because I won it. I don’t care that there is an army of kawaii ice cream treats staring at me while I wank… I love these sweet little assholes as if they were my own children now.

How It Works

This toy could not be any more simple if it tried. It looks exactly like what I imagined vibrators looked like before I realized vibrators actually come in more shapes and sizes than I can actually fathom. It looks like every vibrator I’ve ever seen displayed in novelty shops like Spencer’s… nothing phallic, nothing outrageous or scandalous, a shape palatable for the mall shopping crowd. There is nothing wrong with this shape, I just want to stress to you how ordinary it is.

Operating the Blush Sweet Cream is easy. There is a dial at the base of the vibrator that controls the whole kit and caboodle. Turning the dial clockwise will turn the vibrator on and continuing to turn will increase the intensity. Conversely, turning it counter clockwise will lower the intensity back down until finally turning it back off again. Easy.

The packaging says that the Sweet Cream is a multi-speed vibrator, which it does seem to be, but I was unable to really pinpoint how many speeds there are exactly. As you twist the dial one speed just kind of melds into the next, so I can’t feel where there is a definite shift from one speed to the next. Which just means I can’t tell you how many speeds it has, but I can confirm that you can go from a lower to higher speed.

The Blush Sweet Cream is also battery powered, so you will need to be sure to have a couple of AA batteries on hand. The batteries are inserted into the bottom of the vibrator, the dial end of the toy unscrews and the batteries can be dropped into the toy.

Size, Shape, & Materials

Shaft diameter: 1 inch.
Total length: 7 inches.
Usable length: 5.5 inches.

As I said above, the shape of this vibrator is extremely simple. There are no bells and whistles here, it is just a very classic slim vibe, and that’s okay. Not every toy needs to be new, improved, futuristic, or whatever… it’s okay to get back to the basics every now and again.

If you need a more descriptive explanation of this vibrators shape then I just need you to imagine a cucumber. Now imagine a really straight cucumber. Good, now, imagine that that really straight cucumber is also pretty thin… there you go, you’ve now got a pretty good idea about the shape of the Sweet Cream. A straight, skinny cucumber. This is probably a terrible description, so don’t worry, I’ve included pictures…

Materials-wise the Blush Sweet Cream is made from ABS plastic. A perfectly body-safe material that is easy to care for and has some decent longevity to it. I have managed to break two sex toys made from plastic, but it took a pretty spectacular fall as I was trying to carry one to many toys from one room to another to crack the plastic. So, its pretty durable, unless you are extremely clumsy as I am prone to be.

One great thing about this vibrator being made from ABS plastic is that you can pretty much use your choice of any lube available, plastic plays well with it all.

In Use

Just to reiterate, the Blush Sweet Cream is 100% not a toy that I would have ever thought to purchase for myself. The super cutesy-cuteness of it aside (those ice creams are really growing on me), it just isn’t a style of toy that I would have ever thought to use.

I think of this style of vibe as being more of an insertable toy, but because it has no flared base, it isn’t something that is going to be anal safe. Which leaves me with it being an external use only toy. So I got creative with it.

I don’t normally use vibrators. I am very picky when it comes to vibrations and depending on where I use it, I find many vibrating toys just grating and uncomfortable to use. So I was kind of dreading trying this vibrator out, I didn’t want to finally win something only to find out I hated it.

So, I’m not exactly in love with this vibrator, but I don’t hate it either. I am kind of on the fence about it. The sensations were tolerable, I didn’t recoil in disgust when it touched my skin. In fact, the quality of the vibrations were actually better than I was expecting from something this simple.

I started off by holding the vibrator vertical against the shaft of my penis. I didn’t mind this, it felt ok, it didn’t wow me, but I could continue using it in this way if I had to. Then I tried circling the head of my penis with the tip of the vibrator, this was not enjoyable for me. I personally only enjoy a very specific kind of vibration against the head of my penis, and this toy was not my Goldilocks. I think in order for a vibrating toy to work for me I need vibrations that are really deep and penetrating. I need to feel it into my core. The Sweet Cream’s vibrations were more rumbly than I was expecting from a battery powered toy, but still too shallow and surface level for me to truly enjoy.

My partner decided to use the Sweet Cream for a little sensation play and ran the vibrator over other parts of my body. Against my nipples, down my inner thighs, on my taint, and over my neck. I didn’t mind any of this. In fact, I would go so far as to say I actually really enjoyed this use of the little vibrator.

The Blush Sweet Cream may be more geared towards users with vaginas, without the flared it isn’t something I can personally use for insertion, but I don’t think you need to feel like you are limited to insertion only. Especially if you enjoy just the sensation of vibration against your skin or your penis. I know there are plenty of humans out there who like vibration on their penis and if that’s you, you may very well enjoy this toy.

Luckily I have a “stunt clit” I can hand this toy off to and she gave it a thumbs up. She says for a basic toy its not bad. “It got the job done” are her exact words. So it is probably an great toy to keep on hand for any partner play as well!

Care & Maintenance

The Blush Sweet Cream vibrator is super low maintenance. The ABS plastic is easy to wipe clean. It is also splash proof, which means you can run it under the tap to wash it, just avoid immersing it in water. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to run this toy through the dishwasher (which is my go-to cleaning method for most sex toys) because it has fancy working parts and batteries.

There really is no other special care needed with this toy. I think my only real recommendation would be to store the batteries separate from the toy if you are going to be storing it unused for a long time. Just so the batteries don’t start melting in your toy, I’ve seen this happen in a vibrator once, it was quite a mess. But that vibrator was unused for years, one that had been forgotten about in a moving box. So it took quite a long time to reach that state, but just a helpful bit of life experience for me to pass on to you all.


This is a harder one for me. In my previous reviews I know I could recommend something, because I own the toys on purpose, they are things I enjoy. But this toy came to me as a surprise… and it isn’t something I would have thought to buy for myself otherwise. There is nothing wrong with the toy, the quality is excellent, the design is simple but functional, its easy to use, easy to clean so for those reason alone I think I can recommend the Blush Sweet Cream vibrator. It isn’t my perfect toy, but it is a solid toy. Like I said earlier, I did end up enjoying it for sensation play and my vagina owning partner enjoyed it. So, if you are in the market for a very non-intimidating, budget friendly, totally kawaii vibrator, the Blush Sweet Cream may be just the ticket!

Also, if you aren’t feeling ice cream treats, the Blush Classic Slim Vibe comes in several other flavors!

Purchase Your Blush Sweet Cream Classic Slim Vibe From SheVibe or Betty’s Toy Box!


I won the Blush Sweet Cream Classic Slim Vibe in a contest held by Blush. While it isn’t a toy I would have ever thought to purchase for myself it is a quality budget vibrator. Powered by two AA batteries, the vibrations are better than I was expecting from a battery powered toy. It is easy to operate via the dial at the base of the toy. The quality of the vibrations are better than I was expecting from a battery powered toy (require two AA batteries, not included). It wasn’t something I really enjoyed on my penis, but was a sensation play toy with a partner it was pretty enjoyable. It is not anal safe and is geared more for vaginal insertion. It got a thumbs up from my “stunt clit” who gave the toy a try. Over all, I would recommend because it is well put together and reasonably inexpensive for a vibrator.

The Blush Sweet Cream Classic Slim Vibe was won in a contest hosted by Blush Novelties. Tested and given an honest review.

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